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Thanks for your article about this package. I saw this package in tokyo this summer.I was very excited about the price and the way it looks. after I came back to New York,I didn't buy it right away. because it's hard to find more information out of it. my job is photo retouching and use mac system. music is just a habit.

Could you recommand the tool for me?I want to play the music mixing first like a dj but I like to do all in computer and one day I want to create music. I don't have sound card .I just have a fast enough computer and Roland DS-50 a monitors.

Thank You


You don't need an extra sound card. The sound will play out of the VM-3100.I don't know about MAC compatibility. I only know that you must have a MACwith a PCI BUSS.


Where did you locate the Logic PDF help file? I looked all over the emagic CD and there were no PDF files located on it .



The help file is compressed on the CD. After you install LOGIC-RPC on your computer, you will find the help file at C:\Program files\emagic\LogicRPC\LogicRPC Manual.pdf

I hope that this helps.



I have one major question for you: Where is the"Track Mixer" Window, and how do I get to it. In the quik start guide it infers that the Track MIxer window comes up as soon as you start a new song. I didn't see this window, and therefore I cannot chose my inputs, etc. Ifyou have any advice or know what my problem is, I would much appreciate the help. Thanks!


At the top of the screen select the WINDOW MENU. Then TRACK MIXER or you canCLICK ON THE NAME OF THE TRACK SUCH AS "AUDIO"

AS I SAID IN MY REVIEW everyone should take the time to read the entiremanual (even though it is almost 600 pages)


Dan, I greatly appreciate your quik response to my question, as my band is eager to get some tracks down for a demo. I regret to inform you that Ihave some more questions if you don't mind helping out a stranger to theprogram:


I have been getting this high pitched crackle,almost a static noise whenever I record. I thought maybe it was clipping, but nothing on the mixer, the computer, or my pre-amps indicates that there is any clipping. Do you have any other ideas what might be the problem?

Once again,

I totally appreciate you taking the time to respond to my questions,if you get annoyed with this, let me know and I'll stop asking. Thanks man,


The crackle may be from mismatched clock rates, or fragmented drives.Sometimes SHIFT /F1 Load Logic Configuration? enter YES helps. MY REVIEW HASMORE DETAILS.


I read your article on the Roland Studio Pack since I purchased onemyself about three weeks ago. Please know that you have one of the most in-depth explanations regarding the use of both the Vm3100 Pro mixer and the LogicRPC software. I agree with you in that Roland should have createddocumentation that better explains both the software and mixer together. I'm having trouble with the begining sequences at the '1' start point(1 Bar). When I press play It seems as if though that a portion of the firstnote of the sequence is chopped. I use the metronome on the transport to syncwith the one on my Boss Dr-5 by manually pressing. Am I doing something wrong?

What should the correct MIDI settings on the VM3100 Pro be whentrying to use my Drum machine (Dr-5) to create sounds? How can I add more soundvoices to my MIDI set up? What's a good MIDI reference site?


Lots of questions are answered at VS PLANET ROLAND STUDIO PACK FORUMand also at CRAIG ANDERTON'S



Music begins at There are a few PRE-ROLL bars though. This may beyour problem. You may be trying to record in PRE-ROLL AREA.


I would guess think that your name is Dan.I found the link to your review on the Roland Studio Pack Forum onVS-Planet. Hope you don't mind me writing you.I found your review informative, especially if one is using the Logicsoftware that came with the Studio Package. The problem is that I bought theVM-3100 Pro only to find out that I needed a different and special soundcard (RPC-1) to achieve my goals that wasn't even being distributed withoutthe package yet. I waited 4 months on back order and by that time I did getthe card I could have saved a couple of hundred dollars buying the packagesoh well, everything for a reason.I noticed you have used the n-Tracks software in the past. I am currentlyusing the n-Tracks Version 3.0.01 with the RPC-1 and the VM-3100 Pro or Ishould I say I am trying to use it. It is suppose to support the ASIO andwhen the ASIO diver is selected the program morphs into this multi channelrecording software. Ok, so far so good.I am using drum wave samples 16bit. I have a song that I am doing for arecord deal demo for an associate that has 3 tracks of wave drum files 16bitin n-Tracks. No midi tracks for now. When I go to record the guitar track itis cracking and popping. I have the correct track enabled for recording andall other tracks are disabled. I am aware the RPC-1 playback for the drumsare on 13 and 14 stereo. When I record the guitar track 24bit unpacked usingchannels 3 & 4 for a stereo input from the Johnson J-Station the n-Tracksdoes record it but it is all playing back through 13 & 14. I am also awarethat you can change the properties on the track in n-Tracks and specifywhich playback channels to use. This works well playing back the nicecrackling noise that was recorded in the first place. I have also triedrecording a mono track and get the same thing. I know it must be in thesetup because when I play the drum tracks back without a guitar wave filerecorded to the .sng file it plays back real nice and clean with a low noisefloor.

Not to get to long but a little background.I was using the previous version of n-Tracks with a Midiman Delta Dio 2496and it worked great. That card is still in the computer and I was wonderingif I didn't have them synced up correctly if that would be some of theproblem.It has been a real challenge for a guy who does software support for the dayjob and has been doing the studio thing from late 80's 4-Track midisequencer to the current state.I use the n-Tracks for it's simplicity but the VM-3100 Pro is blowing allthat away.

Any ideas.

PS. enjoyed your website.


I have been recording music VIDEOS for my CD the past 2 years so I haven'tworked with any newer versions of n-tracks since then.

HOWEVER I have found that it is better to start up the computer FIRST andthen to power up the VM-3100 NEXT. Also hitting SHIFT/F1 for me helps torestore LOGIC configuration. I'm not sure whether you should use F1 , F2, ORF3 with N-TRACKS. DIGITAL I/O CLOCK RATES also NEED TO BE SYNCRONIZED. AlsoCLICK the CONTROL PANEL Roland RPC-1 H/W ICON. Set to I N T E R N A LCLOCK/ SAMPLE RATE 44.1 KHZ I have recorded/PLAYEDBACK 96 khz with COOLEDIT but things seem to work much better if you set up at 44.1.

This hopefully will get rid of your crackling problem. Your question hasmany parts. I will FLAG YOUR MESSAGE FOR FURTHER MEDITATION/ future answers.

QUESTION 7What is the RPC-1 hardware interface????

Maybe you are working with different hardware. My VM3100 plugs into my computer with a cable that almost looks like a printer cable BUT DON'T EVER PLUG IT INTO THE PRINTER PORT! I have a PCI card that goes into a SLOT in my Pentium Based computer and the cable plugs into that. The PCI interface card will also go into a MACINTOSH with PCI interface. The HARDWARE CARD is the go-between between the computer and the VM3100 pro. THIS ALLOWS 8 tracks of DIRECT DIGITAL RECORDING FROM THE VM3100 TO THE COMPUTER. It sounds like you are only using the buss AUDIO OUTPUTS. I'm not familiar with AUDIOWERK 8 HARDWARE.

In the U.S. the Roland Studio Pack was a BUNDLE including the VM3100 PRO plus DIGITAL PCM HARDWARE INTERFACE AND logic-rpc software.


I am trying to Burn a CD from Logic RPC I have thestudio pack. I have several audio tracks and there mixed how I want them andnow I want to burn a CD but how ? I think I have to bounce to 2 tracks buthow ? I cant find how to do it. I don't see the bounce button anywhere thatthe manual says is there ? Anyway im lost if you could help me at all thatwould be great . If this is not the place for help please excuse thisinquiry and thanks for your time.


In the left hand column of the ARRANGE WINDOW you will see AUDIO 1, AUDIO 2,ETC. Double Click on one of the AUDIO buttons with the left mouse button.This will open up a MIXER environment. Use the scroll bar at the bottom toslide over to the far right side. Click the BOUNCE BUTTON on MASTER 1. Thiswill mix all of your OUTPUTS TO CHANNEL 1-2 (by default). It will ask youfor a filename and for CD make sure that it is 16 bit 44.1 . It will playyour mix as it creates the STEREO FILE.

I hope that this helps.


Dear Dan,

Thanks for the great Roland Studio Pack review! It played no small part in my decision to purchase the package. But I've run into a bit of a problem installing Logic RPC and am wondering if I might pick your brain.

It seems that neither of my CD drives with let Logic RPC authorize the program. While troubleshooting, I tried installing it in my old Win95 system and it authorized OK. But in my new P4 1.7 system, the CD just spins forever and eventually locks up the whole computer, all for naught. I'm using a Plextor CD-RW 24/10/40A and a Pioneer 16x DVD. Any thoughts?

Thanks much and God bless!


I hope you are using WINDOWS 98 SE or WINDOWS ME with your new 1.7 GHZ computer. Windows 95 will have major problems with all of the new hardware.

With WINDOWS ME try the following.

1) Right click on "My Computer"
2) Open properties
3) Click on DEVICE MANAGER tab
4) Click on + next to CD ROM
5) Click on the CD ROM
6) Click on Properties
7) Put a checkbox in DMA and SYNC DATA TRANSFER. (turn these features ON)

This worked for me. Hope it helps.

Updating your CDROM DRIVER may also help.

Another trick that a few people have used is that they HIT the EJECT button on the cdrom after it begins the ENDLESS SPIN. This also works in some cases.


Will the Roland Studio Pack jive with Win XP?


I would like to use XP myself, but I have heard that there are headaches with XP. I'm using WinME.


I like the idea of being able to use the digital mixer for gigs/practice. Does disconnecting the mixer unit frequently adversely affect its performance?


Contacts will get sloppy and worn from being PLUGGED AND UN-PLUGGED. Will it be 100 times or 1000 times before you will get problems? I don't know. One thing I can tell you is MAKE SURE THE COMPUTER AND STUDIO PACK ARE POWERED DOWN BEFORE PLUGGING IN OR UNPLUGGING. YOU COULD COOK YOUR SYSTEM OTHERWISE. I've been told that Roland has a longer replacement cable for sale, should you need it. For me, I can solder together just about anything I need.


Thanks alot for all your help. I have eliminated most if not all of thecrackling. However I have one more question, how do you change the tracklength limiter thing in logic? It only allows 5 minutes. We did a greattake of a song and lost the last 15 seconds. Just wondering if there was a wayto change it. Thanks alot.


CLICK ON"Set Audio Record Path" under the "AUDIO" MENU. UNCHECK THE "MAXIMUMRECORDING TIME" BOX .This will do it.



I have tried pretty much everything you mentioned. I did notice that the clock speeds on the RPC-1 and Logic were different. so naturally I changed them. (44100) It made the crackling go away somewhat but I'm still getting some small scratches. I know its not from clipping. I defraged myharddrive and ran Scandisk. I also reloaded the logic config about 10 times. Maybeits something I'm missing. Appreciate any help. Thanks.


Look in your control panel and you will find the Roland RPC-1 H/W Controlpanel. Set it up the same as I have it set in the attached picture. Let meknow if this helps. Also set LOGIC AUDIO DRIVER to m audio DELTA ASIO.


Do you know if Roland is coming out with a new generation of digital recording stuff and will this mean the end of the Studio Pack?


I have heard that they are, and even suspected it myself when I bought the Studio Pack for HALF the LIST PRICE only a few months after it was introduced. However I CAN'T SAY FOR SURE. I AM sure that Roland will continue to create new innovative products as long as they are in business. Nothing lasts forever with new technology, but some things are "CLASSICS". The DX7 is an FM SYNTHESIS classic and I'm sure that the Studio Pack will be a HARD DISK RECORDING "CLASSIC" some day.



I'm sorry to hear about all of these pops and clicks. I have run this package on 2 different computers and SHIFT F1, AND THEN "YES" for "Load Logic Configuration?" gets rid of most problems, FOR ME.

Here are a few FAR OUT POSSIBILITIES that could also cause the problem.

1) I don't know how well the RPC cable is shielded. It is always a good practice to keep POWER, AUDIO AND DIGITAL CABLES far from each other. 120V AC can induce a voltage to an adjacent cable which could mess up a digital REAL BAD or induce a HUM on an audio cable.

2) If you have never played with memory SIMMS or SDRAM DDR RAM, THEN GO TO #3 . Try swapping your memory around. Take the module from the #0 spot and put it in the #1 spot while doing the opposite with the other memory module. If you have 256 megs or more, you may have had BAD MEMORY ALL ALONG but never knew it because YOU NEVER ACCESSED IT ! The Roland Studio Pack WILL USE ALL OF YOUR MEMORY with logic-RPC however.

3) Stefan Immler suggested the following...
It's fairly easy to solve his problem:Open the Emagic software, press on the "play"button so Emagic RPC interface gets initialized(the audio interface will say "RMDB-2 checking -- RMDB-2 locked")There will be LOTS of hisses & clicks. Press STOP.Go to "Audio & Hardware configuration", click on"Roland RPC-1 H/W Control panel" for the sound card and press "DONE". That's it! It just turned out that the RPC audio card has to be initialized TWICE because Windows uses it already when you start your computer! It's basically a hardware conflict that can be resolved by just clicking on the audio hardware setup.

I also suggested

Your REGISTRY may be full of lots of LOOSE ENDS leading nowhere. There may also be a REGISTRY cleanup program somewhere by a reputable firm such as Symantics(Norton)or Mcafee that can fix this kind of problem WITHOUT A DISK FORMAT.

Then you would re-install the hardware and drivers, and then LOGIC-RPC.

Finally I would like to mention the possibility that an INTERNET VIRUS such as KLEZ could cause many headaches chewing up clock cycles which would in turn create DELAYS, POPS AND CLICKS. These computer viruses can create MAJOR HEADACHES and make your system almost useless. This very thing happened to me 2 months ago and I was forced to reformat my hard disk after several attempts to remove the virus. I have found that ANTI-VIRUS software IS NOT the solution for music sound production computers. Because the anti-virus software lurks in the background, it is chewing up clock cycles and slowing your system down. For audio production tools you need the fastest system that you can afford. Some anti-virus software may also change the way files are stored and retrieved also causing some incompatibilities. IN MY CASE, I FINALLY PULLED THE PLUG ON INTERNET ACCESS TO MY MAIN MUSIC/VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPUTER. I now use an old inexpensive Pentium 180 (with 48 megs of RAM) for the majority of my internet access INCLUDING EMAIL WITH OUTLOOK EXPRESS 6. My music computer has only limited access when I plug it in to upload web pages and media files AND I AM ACTUALLY GETTING SOME MUSIC DONE NOW! Klez E. put my computer down for almost a month.


WHEN I TRY TO LOAD LOGIC-RPC I GET THE REQUESTER POP UP "ASIO: No Driver selected". If I click on "Continue" I can't hear anything out of the Roland Studio Pack !

If you received the TURBOSTART video with your Roland Studio Pack then go through the set up procedure for your computer. The ASIO driver is one of the first things addressed. If however, you didn't buy this as a PACKage, then do the following.

1) Click on "continue"
2) Go to the top of the pull down menu AUDIO and click on "AUDIO HARDWARE & DRIVERS"
3) Remove the checkmark from ASIO
4) Click on the DRIVER WORD "No Driver" and pull down and select "M Audio Delta ASIO"
5) Put the checkmark back in the ASIO box
6) You will then get a requester "Please reboot Logic RPC to launch ASIO" Click on "Ok" and then quit Logic-RPC.
7) The next time you open Logic, the problem should be fixed.


What about using Logic-RPC with WINDOWS XP??Answer by Stefan Immler below.

Just one thing: there is a question whether the Emagic Logic Software is compatible with Win XP. I can answer this questionwith a definite YES. The trick to get it installed is:Create a link of the "SETUP" from from CD-ROM onto your desktop(just drag and drop the SETUP from CD-ROM on your desktop in theexplorer).Click with the right mouse button on the new created link "SETUP"and click on the Win98 compatibility mode. Next double clickon it so Emagic Logic gets installed on your Windows XP computer.It will run very stable and I have not encountered errors overthe last few months on my Win XP machine.



Check out my review again if you wish.


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